Full Biography of P-Square Nigerian Sunger

Full Biography of P-Square Nigerian Sunger

 P-Square Biography Peter and Paul Okoye, twin brothers from Nigeria, are the members of the musical group P-Square. They create and distribute their records through Square Records.
In December 2011, they struck a recording agreement with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label.
[3] In May 2012, P-Square and Universal Music South Africa agreed on a record distribution deal. [4] Many media outlets stated that the group split up on September 25, 2017. [5] Rumors of a split began to spread when Peter supposedly issued the group’s lawyer a notice of termination. According to the prior post, the couple supposedly broke up in 2016 over a disagreement on the role of their manager.
The twins Peter and Paul Okoye were born on November 18, 1981

in the Anambra State of Nigeria. Their parents are Pa. Moses Okoye and Mrs. Josephine Okoye.

The twins’ parents are Jude, Mary, Tony, Lilian, and Ifeanyi Okoye. Later, they founded the a cappella ensemble “MMMPP” (M Clef a.k.a. Itemoh, Michael, Melvin, Peter and Paul). In 1997, they began breaking and formed the group “Smooth Criminals” with Michael Jackson serving as their musical inspiration. The group “MMMPP,” which was later renamed “MMPP,” lost M Clef. Their ability to be innovative and follow a precise dance routine rapidly made them well-known entertainers in the city of Jos, where they performed at occasions like school celebrations and other gatherings.

Later in 1999, Peter and Paul returned to music school to improve their skills on the piano, bass, drums, and rhythm guitar.

the music from several films’ soundtracks, including those for Tobi, Mama Sunday, Bittersweet Moment, and Evas River.
They applied to pursue business administration at the University of Abuja later in 1999. The Smooth Criminals broke up when its members transferred to various other universities. Following that, Peter and Paul formed their own band, which they initially called “P Square,” then went by the names “Double P,” “P&P,” and “Da Pees.” They were run by Bayo Odusami, a seasoned event producer and the CEO of Adrot Nigeria Limited, commonly known as Howie T.
P-debut Square’s album, Last Nite, which was released on the Timbuk2 record label, was funded by Benson & Hedges as a result of their victory in the “Grab Da Mic” competition in 2001. thirty days following the publication P-Square was nominated for “Most Promising African Group” at the Kora Awards for their debut album. In the end, they were given the 2003 Amen Award for “Best R&B Group.” [6] They issued their second album, Get Squared, under their own label, Square Records, in 2005. TJoe Enterprises promoted this album around the nation while it was still being managed by Howie T of Adrot Nigeria Limited. The second album’s video topped the MTV Base list for four weeks in a row.
Akon, Ginuwine, and Sean Paul performed on stage with the band.
Their best-selling album to date is Game Over, which was published before the end of 2007 and has already sold 8 million copies globally.
Danger, the studio album by P-fourth Square

, which came out in 2009. The album features joint efforts with 2 Face Idibia, J Martins, and Frenzy. “Danger,” the opening tune, is a hip hop song.

song that is evocative of an Eminem song with a frog bass baseline and cutting synths. Clowns are present, and the performers make awkward movements for the camera that are reminiscent of Eminem’s comical videos, which reinforce this. Because of the twins’ uncanny resemblance to American R&B musician Usher Raymond, they are particularly well-known.
P-Square was in London on April 4, 2010, performing at the Troxy, when they were named Artist of the Year[7] at the Kora Awards in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. As the winner, they would get a check for $1 million. at Ebebiyin City, winners.
P-Square and well-known American musician T.I. collaborated to produce and co-write the single song EjeAjo, which was released on August 29, 2014.
[8] The official EjeAjo video featuring T.I.[9] was made available on blogs, radio stations, and television on August 29, 2014. The studio album by P-sixth Square, Double Trouble, was made available on September 14th, 2014. [10] As Glo Ambassadors, P-Square received Range Rover SUVs from Globacom on October 8, 2015 in exchange for their support of the #DanceWithPeter TV Radio entertainment campaign. Dancers from all around the world take part in the competition to display their talent and compete for prizes.
Globacom said on February 24, 2016, that it would not be renewing its agreement with the duo as ambassadors, notwithstanding reaffirming it with further ambassadors During the big opening, there was a rift between the company’s leaders and Peter, one of the P-Square twins. The culmination of the Dance with Peter talent show. [11]
According to reports, the duo handled the majority of the production and beat-making duties on their own. Due to their habit of exploiting popular hits and western songs as samples in their music, the band has run into a lot of controversy. Both in their song lyrics and in interviews, they have made frequent mention of it. P Square technically reconstructs the drum beats, chord progressions, or lyrics of the songs they have sampled rather than literally cutting the audio into bits and directly sampling them into their work. Thus, it is clear why their The sound is quite electronic-sounding.
On this instance, Get Squared, “Game Over,” and other songs have been cited. “Danger,” among others.
P-Square made headlines for allegedly losing their cool when they learned that plans had changed for the Guinness Show in the middle of their performance, which would have affected the length of their performance and that of the artist who would come after them, 2 Face Idibia. According to the news website vanguardngr.com, Peter immediately reacted, “I don’t know why, anytime a foreign musician comes to Nigeria, they (concert organizers) want to treat us like slaves in our country.” This indicates that the information may have incited hostility. They first continued performing, but in the midst of it, they hurriedly left the stage while shouting, They don’t want 2face to take the stage, therefore we’re going. They were it. They were said to have immediately left the show’s site, but after the organizers stepped in, they came back to share the stage with 2face later on. They received an apology afterwards.
The selection of individual tracks for their joint albums, with Paul having the lion’s share of the nod, caused the two to dispute over what Peter perceived as an unfair lopsidedness. As a result, Peter resisted using the alias “P-Square” for a number of weeks. Later, he and his family separated from the shared mansion. They had previously collaborated in joint ventures, so they hired a lawyer to help them divide their assets.
After all, The brothers reconciled in front of the public on On November 17, 2021, at Peter Okoye’s home in Lagos, they embraced and shook hands. The eldest brother of the brothers, Jude Okoye, was there, and he and Peter’s wife hugged one other.
On November 17, 2021, the couple made up, ending their protracted quarrel to everyone’s joy.

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