Annie Guest Biography, Career, Age, Parents, Net worth

Annie Guest Biography, Career, Age, Parents, Net worth

Annie Guest is a well-known American dancer, choreographer, and fitness fanatic. She is well-known as the adoptive daughter of American actress Jamie Lee Curtis.
Despite having a career outside of being a celebrity “child,” many people are familiar with Annie Guest due of her mother’s influence. In this post, I’ll tell you about Annie’s history, job, age, parents, siblings, net worth, and other fascinating facts about her that you probably didn’t know. Let’s take a short look at her profile before we begin.
Annie Guest was born on December 13, 1986 in her native nation, the United States of America, and is best known as a dance instructor and the adopted daughter of actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

She was born in Los Angeles, California, and was adopted by actress Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband, Christopher Guest. As a result, Annie’s upbringing was filled with love and memories.
Annie Guest attended and graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor’s degree. She previously got graduate credentials from Los Angeles primary and high schools.
Annie Guest began dancing at an early age and pursued it professionally after graduating from college. Then she grew more interested in learning more about dancing and the many forms of dance.

Because of this need, she learned many dance forms such as hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap, and others. Of course, her formal profession had begun before her excursions to learn more.
Annie Guest is no stranger to celebrity. When she was younger, her mother, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, would accompany her to filmings, premieres, and awards ceremonies.
Annie had competed in several competitions, including national and international ones, on her way to mastering the art of dance. Annie was already agile at the age of eight and participated in these tournaments.
She later joined the MNR Dance Factory studio, a dance company situated in Los Angeles, California. Notably, she spent a considerable portion of her time dancing following, graduating from high school She studied and received a degree in dance from Kenyon College after discovering her passion for dancing.
She has worked as a dancer as a teacher, director, performer, choreographer, and manager. More specifically, Annie Guest has had the opportunity to teach dance at top institutions.
Some of the institutions where she taught dance included Paul Revere Middle School, Windward School, and Archer School for Girls. She earned and maintained a BFA in dance.
Annie Guest measures 177 centimeters/5.8 feet tall. Annie offers body fits that are appropriate for a professional dancer.

Annie Guest was 35 years old when this article was last updated and published on our website. On December 13th, she celebrates her birthday. Annie was born in Los Angeles, California, and possesses American citizenship.
Annie Guest is quite secretive and dislikes disclosing anything about her personal life to the public. She seldom appears in public; her most recent appearance was in 2016, when she attended her mother as a guest at the Golden Globes Awards ceremony.

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